Thursday, September 01, 2011

Just a Follow Up Between Posts

I've been out gallivanting for the past week and a half (my niece came in from the west coast and it was my birthday week, so obviously battlefield visits were involved).  I managed to get to Gettysburg for a 3 day visit, then Antietam and Harper's was busy but fun.
Anyhow, I said as I got more information about my buddy Dave's Great-Great-Great Grandfather and my Brother's Father-in-Law's Great-Great Grandfather, I'd post about them...
Well, Dave has just completed the paperwork (with the help of another coworker) to receive the military records of his ancestor.
When I went to Gettysburg, I made a point of checking out the Pennsylvania Memorial, for the uninitiated, it has the names of every Pennsylvanian who fought at Gettysburg on it.  So in the spirit of following up, please enjoy the following...

The Pennsylvania Memorial seen from the area of the Meade Monument
If you look at the base of the memorial you can see how it appears dark, that area is bronze plaques listing every Pennsylvanian who fought at Gettysburg, by Regiment, Company and Rank.  Those who were mortally wounded have a star next to their name.

83rd Pennsylvania's plaque on the Pa. Memorial.  E.L. Whittelsey's name appears on the top right of this plaque as part of the command staff of the regiment.

In the upper right corner you can see Whittelsey's name listed as Sergeant Major (the rank he held at Gettysburg), he was  commissioned 2nd Lieutenant just about a  year later, and promoted to 1st Lieutenant of Company A in October of 1864.  He was wounded at Malvern Hill in July 1862, and again at 2nd Bull Run (or 2nd Manassas if you prefer) where he was taken prisoner.

11th Pennsylvania Plaque on Pa. Memorial, Company G which was Capt. McGrew's company is about 1/2 way down on this plaque.

Capt. John McGrew was in charge of Company G of the 11th Pa.  He was wounded at Fredericksburg (December 1862) and was discharged in 1865 on a surgeon's certificate.
Again, as I find more information on these gentlemen, I will post it (I'm hoping to get a peek at the military records Dave McGrew sent for).


Anonymous said...

This is fascinating.

Erik said...

Thanks! Glad you like.