Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The memorization by repetition process continues, I'm 100% with the 1st Corps, and am through the 1st Division of the 2nd Corps (with 100% accuracy).

For the record my reading and listening list these days are rather short...
I'm presently reading Gettysburg The First Day by Pfanz, and listening (on my IPOD) to Gettysburg by Sears.

If you're interested there are several great books out there on the topic...The Gettysburg Campaign (A Study in Command) by Coddington; any of the Gettysburg series by Pfanz; for battlefield knowledge a new book that has only been out for a year or so is The Complete Gettysburg Guide by Petruzzi and Stanley.

There are also several websites out there that are a great reference...

Gettysburg Daily http://www.gettysburgdaily.com/  (a site run by several licensed battlefield guides), this site has a wealth of information specifically on the battlefield and surrounding area;

The Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center http://gburginfo.brinkster.net/index.htm; it's not updated often, but has a lot of basic information to get you started.

The Civil War Trust http://www.civilwar.org/welcome/ (formerly the Civil War Battlefield Preservation Trust); this group's focus is battlefield preservation, they are a great charity and use donations to purchase threatened battlefield properties to ensure availability for future generations, they also have great maps and additional information on battles.

and Stone Sentinals http://www.stonesentinels.com/, they have pictures and information on the monuments of several battlefields.

There are others that I go to as well, and in the future I will add information on those sites as well.
Happy studies.

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