Sunday, March 20, 2011

I just came back and checked the site, and realized I haven't posted much of anything in 3 years. I know that in the past much of my postings have been about my political opinions, I think now I'm going to really lighten things up and write about things I enjoy...

My latest project...
I plan on retiring sometime in the next 6-10 years (hopefully closer to 6 but realistically it will be 10), so I have to finally decide on what I want to be when I grow up.

The band I was in was a great diversion, we played out live once then sort of broke up. There wasn't any hatred or anything like that, but we were 4 guys with 4 different lives going in 4 different directions. For the most part we are still close, still get together and have fun, just without a long term plan to go anywhere with it. I doubt that it'll ever go anywhere besides a fun diversion in the future, so that's probably not what I want to be.

There aren't many jobs out there for 50+ year old professional hunters, so I would imagine that's out.

As much as I like guns and tinkering with them, I can't see becoming a gunsmith (too much paperwork), I just don't have the true mechanical ability, and it would take something I enjoy and make it work.

I like teaching, but I don't have a degree, and really don't want to jump through the hoops necessary to get one, so educating the youth of America won't work. I still teach at the fire academy on a regular basis, but that's very part time at best.

Which takes me to the solution...
I love the history behind the American Civil War. I've been to 20 or so battlefields (big and small). My library is filled with books on it. I am a cesspool of useless facts and information. I have decided to try to become a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg.

I figure if I really crack down I should be ready for the test in 2 years, but I plan to study for the next 4. There is a ton of information to know: The order of battle; unit placement and actions for all 3 days of the battle; various landmarks; monuments and markers (there are 1000+ out there); weaponology; events leading up to the battle; the aftermath of the battle; politics of the war; reconstruction; and so on and so forth.

I go to Gettysburg several times a year already, so this will both give the trips more of a purpose than gallivanting on the battlefield, and it will add to the scope of my knowledge.

So the purpose of my blog for a while will be my studies and adventures as I work towards becoming a LBG. I'll post updates (more frequently than every 3 years) and pictures from my various visits to all battlefields (not just Gettysburg).

I don't plan for this to be some great Civil War blog, if you want that, there are ones out there far better than I anticipate this being. But if there are things you want to see or discuss, jump on in and I'll add to the mix.

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