Friday, June 17, 2011

Neat coincidences...
There are so many amazing coincidences out there, it's hard not to believe that there is a higher power controlling the strings that are our lives. of the guys I was hired with 20 years ago was in boot camp at Great Lakes the same time I was. We never met, but told several of the same stories.  Coincidence?  Probably.

Last night at the station, this same guy saw me studying info on Gettysburg, he told me that he had just done some family research and his great-great-great? grandfather fought for the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War.

The 11th Pa has one of my favorite monuments at Gettysburg...Sallie the pit bull is featured on their monument.  So obviously I had to find as much information as I could.

So here is a bit of what I have found and what Dave was able to tell me.

John B. McGrew (M'Grew)...Captain, Company G, 11th Pa, from West Elizabeth Pa, was 36 when he joined up on August 28, 1862, was wounded at Fredericksburg (I believe in the area of The Slaughter Pen Farm), and was discharged on March 15, 1865 on a surgeon's certificate.  Prior to the war he was a medical doctor, but wasn't used as one during the war, rather he was a company commander for an infantry unit.

The unit was engaged at the West Woods at Antietam, although I'm still trying to find muster rolls for the battle, I'm not sure if Capt. McGrew was with the regiment at that time as he had only joined a few weeks before.  From the time of his joining the regiment the 11th fought at 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly, South Mountain, Antietam and Fredericksburg where Capt. McGrew was wounded.  Again, I'm not sure which battles he may have fought in prior to Fredericksburg (but as I find out more info, I'll add it)

The 11th Pa Regiment had the distinction of being the oldest continuously serving regiment in the state at the time of the Civil War (serving since the American Revolution) first formed in Philadelphia on 10/25/1776.

This is a picture of the 1910 reunion of the 11th Pa at Gettysburg.  I'm not sure if Capt. McGrew was present here or if he fought at Gettysburg.  To be sure he knew of Sallie the regimental mascot.

11th Pennsylvania Regiment, 1910 reunion at Gettysburg

I'll keep on my buddy Dave, and keep doing research on Captain McGrew.  If you have anything that may help in my search, I'd be appreciative.

The picture of the 11th Pa Reunion was taken from the following website:

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